What do the Backup Camera Lines in a Toyota Mean?

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toyota backup camera lines

What do the Backup Camera Lines in a Toyota Mean?

If you are seeing different color backup camera lines in your Toyota, they all have different meanings. For example:

  • The blue guidelines on the right and left show the width of the vehicle, indicating where the Rearview Monitoring system estimates the vehicle will go if you back straight up.
  • The yellow guidelines follow the path of the vehicle, even as you turn your wheel. They will move to show you the estimated path of the vehicle.
  • If you are on flat, level ground, the horizontal red guideline is about 18 inches from the rear of the car, while the next line is about three feet for the rear of your Toyota.

The distance guidelines and the vehicle width guidelines may not actually be parallel with the dividing lines of the parking space, even if appears so. It is paramount that you also visually check. The distance guide lines were designed to give a distance guide for flat road surfaces. If the ground behind the vehicle slopes up or down or if any part of the vehicle sags, then there is a margin of error between the fixed guide lines on the screen and the actual distance/course on the road.

If you notice that lines are very far out of alignment, the camera position may be out of alignment or the vehicle may be tilted, due to a heavy load, a low tire, or the vehicle is on an incline. In these cases, there is no malfunction. If neither of these is the case, schedule an appointment with us to have it inspected.

Now that you know what the backup camera lines in a Toyota mean, keep in mind that the rear view monitor system displays an image of the view from the bumper of the rear area of the vehicle. The camera located near the bumper cannot transmit a clear image if debris is in the way, use a damp cloth and wipe the camera lens clean. For more Toyota tips, Follow Wilde Toyota on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

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