How to Connect your iPhone to a Toyota using Apple Carplay

Have you ever wanted to use Apple Maps in your Toyota to get directions to a destination? How about searching for something using Siri while you drive? The 2019 Toyota lineup is now coming with Apple Carplay, so you can easily have the functionality of your iphone through the dashboard media console.

Connecting your iPhone to a 2019 Toyota With Apple Carplay step by step:

1.) Using your phone’s charging cable, plug your phone in to the USB port located in the center console.

2.) Enter the Menu screen inside of your Toyota’s Media console

3.) Press the Apple Car Play button on the touch screen

4.) Ensure you press “Allow” on your iPhone. If you press “Not Now” instead, there are additional steps here to fix this issue!

If you have any questions or complications, feel free to reach out to us directly and we can walk you through the process!
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