How To Setup Toyota Entune

May 2nd, 2019 by

How To Pair Toyota Entune To Your Phone

Turn On Smartphone Bluetooth: 

  • Head to settings
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Make sure Bluetooth is ON
  • Your smartphone should automatically begin searching for nearby Bluetooth systems to pair with

Initiate Bluetooth on the Entune:

  • Press “SETUP” on your multimedia system
  • Select “BLUETOOTH”
  • Hit “ADD”
  • Your smartphone should show up and once it does, select your phone to add your smartphone to your Entune system

Select Your Toyota on Your Smartphone:

Go to your Bluetooth settings and select your Toyota vehicle. In some cases, you may need to provide the PIN. Adding your PIN will connect your Entune device to the audio control and contacts on your phone.

Allow Access

Enable Entune access to your phone for messaging and contacts. You should get a message confirming out Bluetooth connection.

The Bluetooth pairing process should only be completed when your car is parked. Most Toyota models won’t allow you to setup up your Bluetooth while in motion.

However, once you are paired with your Bluetooth system, you can enjoy a full range of features, including audio streaming and hands-free calling.

To learn more about your phone and vehicles compatibility pairing, check out the Toyota support page.

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