How to Set Up Bluetooth In Your Toyota: Toyota Connect, Step by Step

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How To Add Bluetooth To a Toyota

Connecting your phone to your Bluetooth can be a wonderful addition to the driving experience.

1)Turn On Bluetooth On Your Phone

  • Go to settings
  • Select Bluetooth
  • Make sure Bluetooth is ON

2) Turn on Bluetooth on the Radio System

  • Press the “MENU” button
  • Tap “SETUP” on your screen
  • Select “BLUETOOTH”
  • When asked if this is the phone to be paired, select “YES.”
  • Follow the rest of the instructions you see on your screen

3) Connect Bluetooth To Your Phone

  • Make sure your Bluetooth is ON
  • Select “MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM NAME or TOYOTA VEHICLE” from the Bluetooth list
  • You may be asked for the PIN or confirmation on your screen
  • Select “OK” or “PAIR”

4) Test Out Your Bluetooth Connection

Test out your connection. Try making a phone call or sending a text to make sure your phone and your Bluetooth system are connected. If you follow the steps above, you should be all set.

If not, try to start from the beginning to see if you missed one of the steps listed above.

Benefits of Bluetooth

Bluetooth essentially lets you take full control of some of your phone’s best features while on the road. The new Entune Multimedia System has added benefits to the traditional Bluetooth system, making your driving experience one of a kind.

  • Hands-free calling: This feature is accessible through the voice command button your steering will. The hands-free feature supports for safer driving and permits you to make calls without your hands leaving the steering wheel.
  • Phonebook access: All of your contacts are available right at your fingertips. This feature also allows you to make calls without having to reach for your phone.
  • Easily Stream Audio: If your phone is equipped with an MP3 player, you can easily stream music, podcast, and even books from your device through your car’s speakers system.
  • Hands-free messaging: This allows your Bluetooth system to read aloud your messages and lets you dictate and send your text messages.
  • GPS navigation: You can hear your directions more clearly through your car’s speaker. The Bluetooth connection allows you to sync your GPS with your car’s stereo system, so you never have to miss a turn.

Bluetooth allows you to make safer choices while driving. It is illegal in many states to operate your phone and drive at the same. Bluetooth connection makes it easy for you to call, message, and listen to your favorite music without having to take your focus off the road.

Explore Your Bluetooth Features

Texting and driving can be dangerous, but enabling Bluetooth connection can give you access to your favorite features without losing focus on the road.

We understand that learning how to add Bluetooth to a car can be a confusing process. Hopefully, these step by step instruction on how to pair your vehicle with your Bluetooth system made the process simple for you.

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